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Welcome to the Methuen Area Homeschooling Network online!

On this home page, we'll introduce you to the Methuen Area Homeschooling Network and the services we offer to the local homeschooling community.

African Culture workshop for homeschoolers
Group Founder/Director Stephanie D'Arcangelo-Dalmer and CPAM director Michelle Michitson

Children learn to weave yarn into cloth at a weekly homeschooling group.

Hitting a pinata at a potluck Carnival celebration!

Please Note: the homeschooling group is currently inactive. 
We still have an active egroup in which activities & information are posted, but group led activities, as well as the weekly group, are currently limited at best.  If you are interested in helping out with organizing activities, or would like to be added to the egroup for area homeschoolers, please email
The Methuen Area Homeschooling Network(MAHN) provides support and information to local homeschooling families, as well as fun and educational fieldtrips, potluck gatherings, summer park dates, parenting workshops, and other events.  We also have a private egroup for members to pass and receive information on local homeschooling, and to stay connected to the local homeschooling community.  There is no cost or obligation to be included on our egroup, which will keep you up to date on our upcoming activities and events. 

The Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH) is a weekly activity group for homeschooling families interested in being part of a unique and dynamic group of homeschooling families.  The idea of meeting weekly is to form a close-knit community so that the children & parents can make friends, participate in classes specifically for homeschoolers (such as Spanish & art), and so that the children can feel they are part of a consistent social group without going to school.  We take a class photo, keep a yearbook, and have an end of the year "yearbook signing" party.  Every year our group grows, as does our list of activities.  I hope we will eventually hold proms and graduation ceremonies as well! 

Children display a craft made during the month we studied oceans in our weekly group.

  • The Methuen Area Homeschooling Network was founded in August 2003 by grown homeschooler Stephanie D'Arcangelo-Dalmer. 
  • All local homeschooling families are invited to attend potlucks and fieldtrips. 
  • Fieldtrips are year-round, but potlucks only occur during our academic year. 
  • During the summer months we offer weekly park dates for all local homeschoolers.  
  • Our weekly group runs from September through May and is by registration only. 

Many of our events are held at the Center for Performing Arts Methuen thanks to the generosity of CPAM director and local homeschooling mom MIchelle Michitson! 


Check out our contact page!  Contact us with questions, or if you hope to be involved in either our network egroup or our weekly homeschooling group.  Let us know what you think of this website!

Check back often, our site is brand new and may include frequent updates!