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The Methuen Area Homeschooling Network organizes a variety of events for the local homeschooling community, including a weekly homeschooling group for the whole family; fun and educational fieldtrips; workshops for parents; park dates during the summer; and potluck parties, including our annual Halloween party!

We take at least one fieldtrip per month.  We try to take fieldtrips that relate to the educational theme that our weekly group has chosen for that month, but often take additional fieldtrips to performances and other fun destinations. 

Our group visits the Haverhill Historical Society
Making donuts and "fried apples" over an open fire

A member of our weekly group volunteered to host a workshop on local wildlife put on by the Conservation Officer for the town of Methuen MA. 

A workshop by the Methuen Conservation Officer
The children explore hands-on exhibits

We have a few potluck gatherings over the course of every academic year, and these are open to all local homeschooling families. 

Our annual Halloween potluck party!
All in costume, hearing a story

One of the highlights of our 2004-5 academic year was bringing in nationally recognized performer Marilyn Middleton-Sylla for a workshop on African culture, including African dance & drumming.  Marilyn was so captivating that she had parents and children alike making beautiful music and dancing like pros! 

African Culture: Dance & Drumming workshop
Marilyn Middleton-Sylla created a fun workshop!

Contact us for additional information and dates about activities we offer.