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Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH)

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The Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH) is a weekly homeschooling group for the entire family.   Each week we get together to work on fun projects together centered around our chosen educational theme of the month. 
We currently split the children up according to two groups, the older group and the younger group.  The reason for this is that the younger children tend to need to move more and have their activity change frequently as attention to the project wanders.  The older children tend to be able to focus more, have more advanced reading and writing skills, and can therefore work on more in-depth projects.  There is no rule regarding age for these groups, it's more of a parental decision regarding their own child's development and ability. 
Families with children in both groups simply see which child needs their participation more with each given activity, and often go back and forth from group to group offering their involvement and participation. 

Class photo 2005
We take a class photo and have a yearbook. Unfortunately some families are missing from our photo!

Activity Leaders

No one is required to lead an activity.  All parents that participate in the weekly group have the option of leading activities based upon their desire to do so and their knowledge of the topic at hand.  At the start of the 2005-6 academic year we have 13 families attending weekly with a total of 31 children not including babies and toddlers. 

Younger Group

The younger group tends to change activities every 15 or 20 minutes or so.  For our Ocean theme the younger group moved from hearing a poem about seashells, to touching shells and rocks from the beach, to painting boxes to make ocean dioramas.  They read about sea creatures, colored pictures to hang, and completed their diaroma crafts.  They also got to tumble on the mats at the studio pretending to be crabs, whales, waves, and fish!  We try to keep the youngest members of the group fully engaged in a fun and playful way! 

Older Group

The older group can much more fully engage in the topic of the month.  For example, during our genealogy month the older group spent a good deal of time creating beautiful family trees containing information on their extended families.

Please call or e-mail us with questions about our weekly group.