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Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH)
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Methuen Area Homeschooling Network

The Methuen Area Homeschooling Network is open to all homeschooling families local to Methuen MA including such towns as Methuen, Haverhill, Lawrence, Andover, North Andover, Newburyport, Merrimack, Plaistow NH, Hampstead NH, Salem NH, and more! 
There is no cost or obligation to become a member of our homeschooling network.  Once you join our egroup you will receive emails regarding all of our upcoming activities.  You may also send information through our egroup about homeschooling news, events, conferences, etc.  If you have suggestions for programs please let us know! 

Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH)

Becoming a member of the Methuen Area Homeschooling Network is a commitment to attend weekly, and so most families prefer to just be included in the network and attend fieldtrips, potlucks, summer park dates, and other events.  Once you are a member of the network your family is added to a contact list for weekly members, your children's names are added to an attendance list (used to determine craft supplies needed for each week's activities), and you are added to a private egroup only for weekly members.  There is a $5 cost due with your registration form to cover printing and copying costs, and all members bring in supplies that the group uses such as paper towels and construction paper. 
Members of the weekly group pick a theme for each month in our academic year (September through May) and our weekly activities, led by the parents that choose to volunteer, are centered around that theme.  The goal is to create a close-knit community of homeschooling families!  All ages welcome. 

New members are always welcome!

* Register for our network or weekly group at any point during the year!

For more information or to become a member go to our contact page!