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Grown Homeschooler Initiative
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Grown Homeschooler Initiative... creating community for life long homeschoolers. 
(At what point do we stop learning anyway?)

As a grown homeschooler I often wonder, "where did all of those kids that I used to go to homeschooling group with go to anyway?"  If you were homeschooled as a child/teen, please add yourself to my new list of grown homeschoolers!  I hope to organize events and ways of forming community for those of us who were raised outside of mainstream schooling.  Some ideas include a social reunion for grown homeschoolers from MA/New England, and maybe a separate track for grown homeschoolers at homeschooling conferences.  By adding yourself to this contact list you will find out what things are being cooked up!  I will use the contact information obtained through this page to send out notification of future events for grown homeschoolers, and to seek ideas and interest in future programs. 
Your contact information will be used only for the purpose stated above, and will be kept private.

Peter Kowalke created the documentary Grown Without Schooling. He and wife Mae Shell are two grown homeschoolers that I have found and I'm trying to get them involved in all of my wonderful scheming! Click here to visit the Grown Without Schooling website.

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Would you say your homeschooling experience reflected an "unschooling" approach, "School at home," or a combination of styles?
Where did you grow up as a homeschooler? City/State
Were you always homeschooled or only for a period of time?
Please add any additional comments!
How did you hear of my webpage?

Although some events organized may be intended for those of us that were raised/homeschooled in MA and New England, grown homeschoolers from all over are welcome to add themselves to my list!