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About Our Group

About Our Group
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Mission Statement

The Methuen Area Homeschooling Network (MAHN) strives to keep local homeschooling families connected with each other.  Through the internet, contact lists, fieldtrips, and events we hope to create a broad support system and a means of spreading homeschooling news, information, and parent to parent support and advice. 
The Methuen Area Homeschoolers (MAH) weekly group strives more specifically to create a close-knit community of homeschooling families.  Through a weekly homeschooling group, children and parents have the opportunity to form friendships with other homeschoolers, to participate in a varied social group, to take classes specifically for homeschooled children, and to be part of a "class" complete with a yearbook to sign at the end of the year.  I hope these children will stay together long enough to put together proms, senior trips, and graduation ceremonies!

All homeschooling styles, and all religions are welcome.  Our common link to one another is the desire and intention to homeschool our children. 

All of the parents in our network are welcome to participate in leading weekly activities, offering ideas and suggestions for fieldtrips and other events, and to post events or classes that they are organizing through our egroup. 



Stephanie D'Arcangelo-Dalmer is a life-long learner.  She founded the Methuen Area Homeschooling Network and weekly homeschooling group based upon her own experiences growing without schooling.  She is the second oldest of 7 children and was unschooled for most of her life.  During her teen years Stephanie worked for Holt Associates/Growing Without Schooling Magazine & John Holt's Book and Music Store for 5 years, working along side Pat & Day Farenga and Suzannah Sheffer.  She attended Goddard College in the off-campus individualized BA program, is a certified yoga instructor with separate certifications in Color Me Yoga for children, prenatal yoga, and chakra yoga.  Stephanie has been a full-time mom to her own two daughters (who have never been to school) and considers them life-long learners as well.   Stephanie was recently on the panel of grown homeschoolers at the Learning In Our Own Way Conference, and will be featured in Life Learning Magazine in the next few months.